EXO Technologies

electrode maintenance services

EXO Technologies develops innovative combustion, injection, sampling and electrode torque systems for the global steel industry. We are committed to the highest standards of productivity, reliability and safety, striving to exceed customer’s expectations.

Bring flexibility, efficiency and safety to your electrode addition process via the industry-leading Robo-TorqueTM Electrode Addition System and a selection of off-furnace solutions. Reduce breakage, torque precisely to manufacturers’ specifications and above all, protect your associates from unnecessary risks. Together with a full line of below the hook electrode handling tools from Columbia Machine Works, EXO has a convenient and safe solution for all electrode handling processes.

Improve accuracy and reduce accident exposure in EAF/LRF testing with EXO Technologies Robo-TestTM Auto Steel Test System. EXO offers multiple options for Temperature / Oxygen / Carbon / Sampling processes in the EAF, LRF, and Tundish. Send us your drawings and let us devise a solution for your unique requirements.

EXO Technologies also produces state-of-the-art Robotic Lance Manipulators, Combustion / Injection Systems and Non-Ferrous Equipment, all of which you will find listed under Products.