Water Cooled Lance Manipulators

EXO Technologies designs and engineers Water Cooled Lance Manipulators for oxygen and carbon injection. Options to the steelmaker are sidewall entry or slag door entry. Both systems are of heavy-duty construction with all movements by hydraulic cylinders & motors for excellent reliability and low maintenance. The systems consist of the manipulators, oxygen valve stand, dedicated hydraulic power pack, automation, and operators control desk.

The door entry system is well suited for 100% scrap melting EAF’s as it is normally mounted on the fixed platform and affords the operator the ability to clear the slag door of scrap with oxygen prior to oxygen/carbon injection. The sidewall entry system is well suited for continuous charging furnaces (Consteel™, DRI, HBI) as it is mounted on the furnace tilting platform and can be designed for automatic retraction with rising bath levels.

Under the control of experienced operators, Water Cooled Lance Manipulators are very powerful steelmaking tools which can be installed with comparatively low capital cost.


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