Electrode Lifting & Storage

Whether you require just small hand tools or industry-leading advanced robotic torque devices, EXO Technologies has the electrode lifting and storage solution for your plant. Our partnership with Columbia Machine Works allows EXO to provide a wide range of products, includes those supporting our Robo-Torque Electrode Addition System™ and much more.

Product Data Sheets:
Graphite Lift Plug
Thread Abrasion Gauge
Aluminum Addition Plug
Addition Hook
Shock Absorbing Lifting Device
Electrode Spin Down Collar
Electrode Recovery Tong – Auto Latching
Electrode Recovery Tong – Light Duty
Electrode Recovery Tong – Heavy Duty
Electrode Recovery Ring
Electrode Dust Cover
Inspection & Certification Service
Custom Spreader & Lift Beam
Custom Lifting & Handling Device
Pallet Lifter

Product Images